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I have to be honest, this week has been a bit of a blur trying to catch up with so many things personal-life wise. Currently, I’m recovering from a sore throat and mouth sore (from being headbumped) – both of which my toddler gave me. How could a little human being have such an impact? Suffice to say, I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂 

With that said, all of what you’re about to read are the things that got me through a horrible week of not being able to enjoy my coffee or my food. If you consider adding these things to your day, hope they offer you the same respite as they did me.

Here is the third edition of Fresh Weekly Roundup – enjoy!

📺 What to watch: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a TV series from Amazon Prime, created by the insanely talented Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane about two spies brought together by a mysterious entity to live as husband and wife while partaking in high-risk spy/assassin jobs. It’s a modern take on a classic story, with Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta, Music superstar Childish Gambino) and Maya Erskine (Pen15 fame) as its protagonists. It’s an entertaining take and I devoured it in two days. People might go into it expecting some seriously good spy scenes, but you’ll find there aren’t many (and if I’m being honest, the action/spy scenes are kind of not.. good, lol, except for the last few in the series imo), and you’d love it better if you think of it as a relationship/love story rather than an action one. That said, it is hilarious and charming, awkward at times, and a great binge-watch for someone trying to keep her mind off of a killer throat.

📻 What to listen to: Texas Hold ‘Em by Beyonce

Need I say more? Since Beyonce audaciously premiered her song during the Superbowl, everyone and anyone has continued to listen to it, making her the first black woman to have a number 1 song in the country charts. The song is a complete and utter banger. Oh and did you know there was an acapella version?? Stop and listen to it now! Can’t wait for Act II! 

📖 What to read:  Good Material by Dolly Alderton  

I was excited to read this new novel from Dolly Alderton as I’ve been a fan of Everything I Know About Love since it was released. In her books, the author gives some hyperaware and keen observations about human complexities and emotions, in a very relatable, obvious, and funny way – and same can be said for this heartbreak, relationship comedy / drama that grips you from start to finish. It is told from a the point of view of Andy, a thirtysomething comedian who can’t quite figure out why Jen would break up with her. What follows is a funny, poignant, relatable and sincere take on human relationships, and why we should all strive to learn a thing or two from them.

🥘 What to eat: Vege Prawn Honey Soy Crisps

As someone who can’t eat wheat and yeast a lot, I sometimes struggle to find the perfect snack for me – which is mildly annoying because I do love to nibble. I find myself lucky that Australia has a lot of alternative options when it comes to food (seriously, so good and convenient) so I did my research and found this tasty and yummy vegan prawn chips from Coles. I can seriously eat a bag – or two – and won’t feel bloated and icky in the slightest. Get the honey soy variation – SO yum.

🛍️ What to buy: Lavender Kmart candle

I’ve never been a candle girlie, but coming to Australia made me realise just how nice – if for no other good reason – having these candles around your home can be. Everyone here has them, but they’re so expensive!  I wanted our bedroom to smell like lavender whenever I slept so I looked online for some cheaper, good ones and found one at Kmart (of course). I went in store and lo and behold, they smell amazing. I’ve had three since!

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[…] sharing this post or the blog to your socials and friends! Do check out my previous roundups here and here. Thank you if you decide to share my posts, it helps with discovery and all that good […]

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