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Thai yellow curry with beef

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Before moving to Newcastle, I was a bit concerned about the food scene, especially the Asian food options, and how it compared to bigger cities. When we finally made the move, I quickly realised I was wrong. To my delight, the Newcastle food scene is bustling with many good restaurants, cafes, and hole-in-the-walls. The bigger cities will always have a leg up, but the foodie culture potential here is strong, and there’s no better feeling than riding an up-and-coming wave. 

Sticky rice name on the wall, on the backgroung with tables on the foreground

Thai food in Newcastle

One of the cuisines that is most abundant here in Newcastle is Thai. There is quite literally a Thai restaurant or takeaway joint in almost every suburb in Newy – and that’s saying a lot! But I’m not complaining at all. 

There’s indeed a lot to choose from, but one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Newcastle that my husband and I are quite loyal to is Sticky Rice.

Sticky Rice Thai in Wickham is one of the most loved Thai restaurants in Newcastle – and for good reason. They have an extensive menu that offers authentic and high-quality Thai food and drinks, and is located across a gorgeous foreshore overlooking the Hunter River, where you can go for a stroll after having eaten a scrumptious meal.

It’s hard to miss this restaurant, as it is located on a busy main road. Parking can be a bit tricky, so look our for spots on the side streets. Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and an open area ready to sit you and your group. The rustic and wooden interior design will make you feel calm and at home, perfect as you await your food. I love that the area has an open floor plan – the breeze from the foreshore is lovely and it’s always nice to people watch. 

Authentic Thai Food at Sticky Rice

The menu was pretty extensive, but we managed to narrow it down. We ordered the Yellow Curry with Chicken, Thai Fried Rice, Panang Curry with beef, Crispy pork with ginger, and a refreshing Thai Pink Lemonade. It was a lot, but generous servings always mean yummy leftovers for lunch or dinner, so we were happy about it. 

Everything was so tasty, and the portions were generous. My ultimate favourite Thai dish is Kana Moo Krob, Thai cuisine’s take on Crispy Pork. It varies from restaurant to restaurant, so I’m always looking for the best ones. Unfortunately, Sticky Rice’s version was overwhelmingly saucy, and I regretted not asking to tone it down or put it on the side. I wanted the pork to stand out for this specific dish, but that was my fault. The Yellow Curry was so good and creamy, and the textures of the vegetables and crispy shallots against the sauce’s creaminess were so satisfying. The Thai fried rice was balanced in its flavour – light, savoury, and aromatic with big chicken portions throughout! The Panang beef was probably my least favourite, but it’s my husband’s. It was still very tasty and balanced, but I find Panang curry down on my curry list. 

We ended it with a huge glass of pink lemonade, sparkly and refreshing. It was a perfect complement to an already satisfying meal. 

Thai yellow curry with beef

Yellow Curry with Chicken

Thai fried rice with a lot of meat and vegetables throughout

Thai Fried Rice

Panang curry with beef

Panang Curry with Beef

Kana moo krob or Thai Crispy Pork with stir fried vegetables and ginger sauce
Tall glass of cold and sparkly pink lemonade with a slice of pineapple

Should you eat here?

Yes! Sticky Rice Thai sticks to their roots, and it shows through their food and warm hospitality. I’d seriously be so happy to walk into their doors again and smell the sweet aroma of fired up woks wafting through the air. Don’t miss out on Sticky Rice!

website and menu:

hours: monday – sunday, 11-3 PM and 5-10 PM 

notes: available for takeaway, delivery, and reservation. walks in welcome. lunch specials available. 

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