Fresh Weekly Roundup #2: What to watch, listen, read, eat, and buy

Weekly roundup: what to watch, what to eat, what to buy, what to listen to, what to read

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This week has flown by, and what a week it was! I’ve been in a rut when it came to shows, but this week, with the help of mighty reddit, I found some few good – nay – great ones that 1) needed bingeing and 2) needed sharing! Quite chuffed with that. 

Without further ado, this is the second edition of The Weekly Roundup, a freshly curated series of what to watch, eat, listen to, buy, and read. Enjoy!

📺 What to watch: The Traitors UK 

Ever since the latest full season of Vanderpump Rules ended mightily with Scandoval and piqued our collective interest, I’ve been looking for a reality TV show that would grip my curiosity like VPR did. Perusing around, I was inundated with mediocre shows trying to sell us loved-up couples who we knew wouldn’t last a year in the real world. Granted, there was The Golden Bachelor, but I needed more. 

I first heard of The Traitors on reddit (no surprise there!) but wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to give it a go. However, the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. A mafia-esque reality TV show where contestants deceive and manipulate one another against the backdrop of beautiful Scotland? Fine, sign me up. I’ll give it a whirl. 

The Traitors, a spinoff of the successful Dutch television show De Verradeis is a murder-slash-deception reality TV game show that captures you from start to finish. Unlike the myriad of reality TV shows thrown in our faces every year, this one has meat in its bones and strong legs to stand on. It is a show that will make you think – and even reflect upon the very nature of humanity. It’s a game of loyalty, deceit, and strategy – and it will hook you until you’re screaming at your screen, scratching your head, wondering why some people can’t see the glaringly obvious traitor red flags walking past them. It’s so easy to judge these contestants while watching, but quite frankly, if I were in their positions, I wouldn’t know how to talk or act! 

📻 What to listen to: Giggly Squad

Two besties, Paige Desorbo and Hannah Berner, from Summer House host this hilarious and honest podcast that, when listened to, feels more like having a peep into what two friends who love gossiping talk about. It works because they’re cut from the same cloth, and the humour is on the same level. Not to mention, they’re both individually funny and annoyingly self-aware that you can’t criticise any of what they’re saying because they’ll tell you first that they know how and what they sound like.

📖 What to read: This poem about the small, fleeting, yet most memorable moments in our lives, like holding your 40-year-old son’s hand as you two walk across the road. 

🥘 What to eat: This super DUPER easy recipe – oven baked fish with tomatoes. The flavour is amazing, and you can literally whip it up in under 30 mins. Weeknight dinners are all about efficiency + all the yum!

🛍️ What to buy: Convenient rechargeable electric lighter 

Am I late to the game with this one? I had problems with my traditional gas lighter to light up my candles, so when I saw this, I gasped and never looked back. I’ve not heard nor read anyone recommend this! It’s a game-changer for my night routine. I’m not sure what I was doing before buying this!

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