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Fresh Picks of the Week

Hi! Before anything else – we’re re-branding (this series)! I love it and hope you do too. 


I have to be honest, the daycare bugs got to me again and only now have I been feeling like myself. These past few weeks, I couldn’t even fathom doing anything remotely resembling adulthood. I feel like all the energy I had left was dedicated solely towards ensuring my daughter and family’s various needs were met. So, I’m sorry for skipping the roundup, but happy to be back on the saddle again and so excited to bring you this week’s recs! 

Full disclosure, I haven’t been reading much but have been devouring shows and movies. So, in lieu of what to read, I’ll double on the watch recs.

What to watch: The Jinx Part 2 

If you think this twisted story ends with the infamous turn of events at the end of the first season, then buckle up because we’re in for another ride. The Jinx is an American true crime documentary series about the convicted murderer and New York real estate heir, Robert Durst. On surface, it feels like it’s just another true crime series, but Durst is such a character itself you can’t help but keep your eyes glued in. Before you turn on part two, best to watch part one for a better perspective – screaming at screens guaranteed. and Jinx: Part Two is set after the infamous ending to the first part, where we see Durst’s flailing attempt at an escape to evade arrest. We also see the lengths some of the people around him also go to just to keep him safe. It’s intriguing on a human psyche level (lots of wtf are they thinking and doing?!) and the editing is top notch. Watch for yourselves. 

What to watch: Baby Reindeer

The true story about a struggling comedian and his experience with a malicious long-time stalker, which leads him to confront a much more sinister past. It’s funny and then it’s weird and then it’s heartbreaking – but all if, true. It shows another side of abuse that’s not always shown on tv or movies, and the bravery it takes to let your story be known to the world. Richard Gadd – writer, director, and the one who experienced it all – bares his entire soul in this series, and you can see and feel it. It’s one of those shows that you’d have to watch to believe. I don’t think you’ll regret it. 

What to listen to: Make Your Damn Bed Podcast by Julie Merica 

This podcast features bite sized pieces of wisdom, all told in no more than ten minutes. I appreciate a lot of things about this podcast – it’s precise, it’s insightful but not in a self-aggrandizing way, it’s short and sweet, and Julie’s tone of voice is so soothing that it’s the perfect way to start your day (while you make your bed – her tagline! Smart.). If you’re up for some creative and existential wisdom early in the AM, this is the podcast to listen to. 

What to eat: Miso glazed salmon

I have been struggling a bit with creativity in the kitchen, so I turn to the internet to look for recipes to inspire me. This easy, quick, and delicious salmon recipe is already a staple in our household. Me and my husband love it, but most importantly, my toddler devours it. The miso elevates the salmon to another level – sweet and umami, it’s perfect for when you want a quick but nutritious lunch or dinner. 

What to buy: Mermade Hair Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush

My hair has been through a journey lately. I grew my hair, postpartum, down to the end of my shoulder blades. That was the longest my hair has ever been. I loved it so much, but I was needing a bit of creativity and inspiration so what better way to spark that feeling than to cut your hair drastically? Now, I have an almost pixie cut – a bixie, as the internet says and much to my naivete, I didn’t realise I would have to style it more than when I had longer hair. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is fine. Unless I want to look like a mushroom.  

All that to say, this interchangeable blowdry saves me! It has a dryer and a small and big round blowdry brush. The smaller one is perfect for short hair, and it styles my hair perfectly when I want those waves and texture. In medium setting, I’m done in about 5 minutes. So good. 

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