Weekly Roundup #6: Includes the sexiest song from Cowboy Carter and athletes fighting for their life

Weekly roundup: what to watch, what to eat, what to buy, what to listen to, what to read

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Today, I’m writing from a different place – literally! I’m sitting in a nice hotel room in a nice resort in a small yet oh-so-beautiful countryside town called Mudgee. Mudgee is like Hunter Valley’s little sister – a smaller wine country filled with so much history, heritage buildings, a cute town hall, and lots of vineyards! Fantastic food, drinks, and experiences – all in another post soon! 

Anyway, this week, we have some excellent recommendations. I’ve been feeling better mentally as I have gotten into a flexible routine again – flexible being the operative word. It’s funny how being a mom has completely changed my interpretation of a routine – it cannot be as rigid as it was before and there needs to be a margin for flexibility, change, and adaptation. To be honest, I really struggled with this because I love my habits and routines, but I realise that I love being a mom more. And being a mum means being present, being there, and adapting to constant change. That’s the reason why this week I’ve been better mentally – more calm, more present, and more there – accepting that our lives have seasons and by that definition then our lives are constantly changing too. Nothing is permanent and everything is temporary, and the acceptance of that is game changing. 

Without further ado, here are this week’s recommendations:

📺 What to watch: Physical 100 on Netflix

I was obsessed when the first season came out last year, so I was ecstatic to hear the second season recently came out. This series follows 100 of the very best athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts in Korea who are all engaged in a (very) dramatic and ultra-challenging competition to see who has the *best* body of all. Throughout the series, they do say “who has the best physique”, but I think with this, they mean to say who has the best athleticism out of everyone as it is not merely a looks competition – it’s SO much more than that. They do, however, smash their copy of their body when and if they lose. It’s very dramatic but funny at the same time. 

The challenges are insane, and you can see how everyone takes it all so seriously. It’s quite inspiring to see the dynamics between so many different athletes and how they treat and respect others. The show is also very motivating – my husband and I joke we want to go to the gym right after an episode! 

If you want to see some really strong, fast and mentally resilient athletes challenge each other, you will have fun watching this.

📻 What to listen to: Cowboy Carter by Beyonce

What positive things can I possibly say about Beyoncé that hasn’t been said already? The woman’s an artist by every definition of the word. 

Beyonce just released her country album called Cowboy Carter, the sequel to her three part act starting with Renaissance. It’s quite unreal to experience this kind of artistic vision – the album, unlike any other of hers (and to be honest, unlike anything else, period.), is a magical storytelling experience filled with purpose, soul, and intention.

My favourite, favourite tracks are Texas Hold Em, Jolene, and Levii’s Jeans. Levii’s Jeans is so incredibly sexy and a bop all around. Post Malone needs to make a country album, stat!

📖 What to read: Five Ingredients Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver

This isn’t a typical book recommendation, but Jamie Oliver’s Five Ingredients Mediterranean Cookbook is so good. Not only is it visually appealing, but the recipes work, too. I’m a bit hesitant when it says five ingredients, but it actually works and the recipes are simple but flavourful. Last week, I told my family we will have a themed “Mediterranean Week”, and I got most recipes from this book. It’s a light read, straight to the point, and easy to follow. 

🥘 What to eat: The Tzatsiki Chicken from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook above. Thank me later! 

🛍️ What to buy: Aveeno Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm 

This is for my fellow mums whose babies are struggling with eczema. I’ve probably tried most of the eczema creams and emollients our there for our daughter, as she has a bit of ongoing eczema, and this Aveeno Balm has got to be the best one that has worked for her. It’s so thick and doesn’t disappear quickly. It got rid of the itchiness of my bub’s eczema, which gave her the chance to heal. I seriously recommend it! 

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