Fresh Weekly Roundup #4: a charming Netflix food series, an eczema cream that works, and more

Weekly roundup: what to watch, what to eat, what to buy, what to listen to, what to read

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This week has been heaps better than last. First, my sore throat is gone – thank God! Secondly, my 2 year old daughter has been singing heaps and honestly, that’s what has brought me and my husband so much joy recently. She would bust out rhymes and made up lyrics to melodies she knows and sing to her heart’s content. It’s too cute and it’s something I cherish a lot. She’s also made it to the “I-want-mum’s-makeup” stage, so it’s taking me a bit longer to get ready in the morning now. That said, I love it. I love all of it <3 

Ooh, this week, do I have some recs for you! I’m particularly happy with this week’s roundup because all of what you’re about to read have really complimented the joy I felt these past few days. From my most anticipated and favourite food travel show to a cheap moisturizer for my eczema girlies – without further ado, I present to you this week’s rec roundup.

📺 What to watch: Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 on Netflix

It’s the drop I’ve been waiting for! Somebody Feed Phil is a documentary series on Netflix, created by the charming and affable Phil Rosenthal – creator of Somebody Loves Raymond and the James Beard winning PBS series I’ll Have What Phil’s Having – as he travels around the world and asking chefs from all over to feed him! He takes his friends and family, they talk about the culture through food, eats, laughs, cries, and laughs some more. It’s seriously one of the most feel-good shows you’ll ever come across, much thanks to the genuine child-like wonder and enthusiasm of its host. It’s a departure from the serious food and travel documentary style, and it works just as well. Everywhere he goes, you feel connected as a viewer and by the end of it, you’d want to have a piece of the meat or pie too! You end up understanding different cultures a bit more, and you feel your empathy growing. Phil, with his bug-eyed and purse-lipped expressions and teehee laughs, will make you feel included and accepted. His premise is so simple, but his nuanced and joyful approach takes this show on another level. 

In every single episode since it aired, he would have this bit at the end where he would facetime some of his loved ones and closest friends. In the earlier seasons, he would always have a call and a laugh with his parents, Max and Helen, and it would always be so heartwarming to watch. Unfortunately, Max and Helen passed away between seasons 2 and 4 – since then, he would have his friends and family offer a “joke” tribute to Max and Helen. It’s so precious and funny at the same time. 

Also, can I just say? I can’t get that intro song out of my head! I even tear up when I hear it. Safe to say, this show is on my roster of favourites – and for a great reason. If you’re a lover of food, travels, and laugher – make sure to check this show out! Or even if you’re not, there’s still a reason to watch and stay.

📻 What to listen to: Raye’s Brit Performance

Oh, this one’s good good. From the artist that brought us this well-earned viral tiktok song comes a medley of melodies that hits just right. The voice, the hair, the confidence, the vulnerability– let’s go, Raye!

📖 What to read: This substack article titled, The “hidden gems” of subreddit I read everyday”. 

Sometimes, you come across a gem of an article that takes your breath away – for good reason. This article about Reddit and the hidden subreddit gems feels like a warm hug – it’s comforting and it gets me. The author writes a quick foundational intro of what Reddit is, and delves deep into subreddits that, honestly, are so on point for me. As you can see, I love Reddit. If you can manage to avoid the toxic stuff, you’ll be left with so many good tips, tricks, advice, and positivity that will truly give value to your life.

🥘 What to drink: First Press Cold Brew

I have been looking at making my own cold brew at home to switch things up a bit with my caffeine routine. Between my espresso and my coconut matcha, I just needed another one in my rotation. However, I figured I would try out some store bought cold brew first since I fully trust Australia with their coffee (and I can’t grind the beans myself anyway!). 

I bought this brand from Harris Farm and holy moly, it’s sooo good! Seriously, put some stevia, ice and your milk of choice and it tastes something out of a cafe. SO good.

🛍️ What to buy: QV cream

This one’s niche and it’s for my fellow eczema girlies. I have had eczema for years, specifically on my fingers, and have tried and tested so many creams and moisturisers. One of the best ones that has worked so well for me, that I continue to use to this day, is the simple yet powerful QV cream. It’s cheap, accessible, and it works! I lather it on when I have my flare-ups and, as long as I’m consistent with it, it helps keep itchiness and eczema at bay. I even use it for my daughter who also has a bit of eczema. Run – don’t walk – to the chemist! 

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