Fresh Weekly Roundup #1: A Series

Weekly roundup: Salmon Patties Recipe, Substack, etc

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Scouring the internet has always been a hobby. I love reading blogs, particularly lifestyle and food ones, I love stalking my favorite substacks to see what the writers are up to, I absolutely adore watching youtube vlogs, I love streaming movies, listening to music or podcasts and discovering new ones. Suffice to say I stumble upon a lot of (valuable!) information that I personally think more people need to know. So, in an effort to get the word out there, I’ve made this series you’re reading called: Weekly Roundup where I’ll recommend and link some stand-out material and content on a weekly basis. Here we go!

Five links around the web

1. This post from one of my favourite (and OG) blogs will leave you laughing and wanting to go on a mindless search for more funny clips on youtube (reader, beware!) 

2. If you love reading blogs and newsletters, I want to introduce to you Substack. There you will find some of the most amazing writers and essayists writing about culturally diverse stories about anything and everything under the sun. It’s worth a peep! 

3. This yummy and toddler-friendly salmon recipe from Downshiftology. 

4. I’m not a cinephile but I am a big movie buff. I love going to the movies – sometimes, even alone! And I love that there has been a big resurgence for film in the past two years. This podcast is a go-to for me if I want to hear more in-depth about a film I just watched or what movies I should anticipate / add to my list. The hosts are quirky, knowledgeable, and quite relatable with their excitement. They also pull in some big-time guests (Directors, actors, etc) and makes for an interesting listen. 

5. Ooh this series. I thought I wouldn’t like it because the poster looked too cheesy but turns out it was a banger. Yes, there were still some cheesy moments (that’s Netflix production for you) but overall it was engaging and the story itself was interesting enough to binge watch. It’s about an ex-military woman whose husband tragically died of suspected murder, when she shockingly finds him alive and well through a nanny cam. The premise sure is intriguing – give it a go and let me know! 

Whether you decide to read, listen, watch or go out – I hope you have a happy and joyful weekend! 

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