Fresh Weekly Roundup #5: an epic sci-fi trilogy, an effective yet cheap retinol, and more

Weekly roundup: what to watch, what to eat, what to buy, what to listen to, what to read

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Hello, hello! This week has been a bit of a hit-and-miss when it comes to things I’m loving. Maybe it’s because I’m in a funky mood, but I disliked things more this week than I liked them. I’ll also preface this post by saying I’ve been in a bit of a rut, routine-wise. In saying that, I’ve been actively trying to change this by shaking things up and trying out new things. 

In saying that, you can be quite certain that the things below are some of the things I REALLY loved and what stood out among the rest. Enjoy!

📺 What to watch: Dune Part Two

Long story short, Dune 2 was spectacular. If I’m being honest, I put off watching the first Dune for fear of utter boredom. See, I’m not really a fan of Timothee and I know the book is incredibly internal and was deemed unadaptable by many. So, a skeptic I remained. Until one day and out of the blue, I had a sudden urge for something sci-fi and Dune was the easiest thing to think about. “Fine,” I said begrudgingly. As it turns out, I couldn’t be more wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and Denis Villeneuve’s take on it. It completely took me out of my rut – I was immersed! 

If you love intergalactic nations, empires, and fight for power – you’ll love this one. As one redditor said, “the whole story arch spans a thousand years and multiple generations in the course of six books and is the defining epic in the science fiction genre in the same way Lord of the Rings was for Fantasy.” Is it as good as Lord of the Rings? Maybe not, but I am very biased on this one as that trilogy has me on a chokehold. Return of the King still makes me weep to this day! Anyway, I think Dune doesn’t disappoint and I’m excited for the third installment. 

📻 What to listen to: This practice to tap into one’s sense of playfulness

The Science of Happiness podcast includes mini episodes called the Happiness Break, where they share bite-sized exercises or information to help us tap into our joy and playfulness. In this episode, they share research about how accessing our playful side helps us manage our emotions and conflict and be more creative. They also share how to tap into this side of ours by reclaiming our memories of joy from childhood. After the practice, you’ll feel more refocused, grounded, and free.

Maya Angelou's Woman Work

📖 What to read: This wonderful and powerful poem by Maya Angelou. There are a ton of Maya Angelou poems, but this one stands out to me for two reasons – 1) I’m a mum who works, carries a huge mental load, and does a lot of menial day-to-day tasks, and 2) it shows the resilience of women and serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices women make to do it all, without fail. As with so many of her words, I feel seen, heard, and validated. Thank you, Maya <3 

🥘 What to eat: This yummy Chicken mushroom recipe

I was craving something creamy and wanted to make something easy and one I’ve not cooked before. I saw this recipe from TikTok and knew I had to make it. I love mushrooms, and I could easily swap the cream with creamy plant-based milk, and it wouldn’t change the texture.

The result is an umami-bomb dish that will definitely satiate any creamy and umami cravings. 

🛍️ What to buy: COSRx Retinol 

Look, we all know Asian—specifically Korean—skincare is superior. HA! Ok, joking aside (or am I?), this Korean retinol serum speaks volumes of Asian skincare’s sophistication and efficacy. I found this retinol as I was browsing for cheaper alternatives to expensive skincare and wanted to change up my routine. Why is it retinol serums are either too expensive or they don’t work?! 

I bought this immediately, as I am already a fan of CosRX and their other products. I’ve already gone through two bottles. It’s cheap, highly effective, and honestly, my skin has never looked better. What I love about Korean skincare is that it’s not intimidating and it takes you where you want to be—which is good, supple, and glossy skin.

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