Cafe Review: Convoy Commune brings the good vibes to Merewether

Exterior shot of signage of Convoy Commune Cafe

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Convoy Commune is a cafe in Newcastle straight out of the beaches of Siargao, Philippines – but in the beautiful coastal neighbourhood of Merewether. It’s designed to be inviting – of good vibes, good people, and good energy – and does exactly that. As I sat, I couldn’t help but feel at home and right back on our beautiful shores. The decor felt so reminiscent of the coffee shops we would eat at in Siargao or Boracay, coupled with the nice people greeting you; I just knew I found a spot worth coming back for.

Exterior of Convoy Commune as seen across the street

Launched in November 2019, Convoy Commune is the brainchild of the team behind Roulé in Kotara. Unfortunately, the latter one is permanently closed, but as they say, when one door closes, another swings right open. That said, you can feel how Convoy was made from the heart, with the community and good vibes as its ethos and centre. 

Working from home, I’m always on the lookout for perfect spots to take my laptop while having a good cup of coffee and a bite of delicious food. I wanted to go to Merewether because I was craving the beach and wanted some seaside energy. I distinctly remember my husband telling me he found this quaint spot on the corner near the beach and that I should check it ou

Corner shot of Convoy Commune in Newcastle
Courtyard shot of Convoy Commune

As you enter Convoy, you can’t help but feel good about the space. From the light shining on every corner, bright and white walls and rattan furniture to the smiling faces that greet you and welcome you in – it’s all meant to create positive vibes and energy. As I sat down, this lady next to me immediately said hello and we had a small conversation; see, this is what I love about these spaces – everyone feels compelled to chat and have such positive energy – it’s infectious. I also noticed there were retail items on the shelves – Huskee cups, Organic teas, varying supplements, and coffee beans to name a few.

Shot of Convoy Commune's Coffee bar
Shot of Convoy Commune's Coffee bar
Shot of Convoy Commune's shelving with space for retail

The Food at Convoy Commune Cafe

I was so excited to try the food for two reasons – 1) I was so hungry and 2) the menu looked amazing. Over the course of a few hours, I ordered the classic breakky roll, a roast beef and gravy toastie, an oat milk latte and an iced matcha oat milk latte.

Oat milk latte and breakky roll with brioche bun
A roast beef gravy toastie that is oozing with cheese

The coffee was good, although the matcha latte could have been a bit creamier (which is totally my preference). The food was delicious – it was exactly what I needed. Savoury and umami. They also had a fresh rotating salad bar, which I’m keen to try next time. They’ve got an inclusive menu, which I love – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian,  or gluten-free, you can ask for substitutes and they can switch it up for you. Having grown up in Manila where this isn’t common, I always truly appreciate having those dietary options whenever it’s presented.

Roast beef gravy toastie and matcha latte

Should you visit?

Yes! I stayed around quite a bit because I had so much work to do, but I never felt like I was imposing, nor did anyone try to make me feel like I was overstaying my welcome. This may sound specific, but other places do seem more uptight about people staying in for longer periods of time. I felt welcome—and with a name like Convoy Commune, that means living and working together, mission accomplished. 

Go for the food and space; stay for the good vibes. I highly recommend this cafe!

Quick fun facts and fyi:

  • For those working remotely, they have fast and reliable wifi. They also have sockets for your chargers. 
  • Opening until around 12 PM is their busiest time, so come early if you want a seat. 
  • Inside is air conditioned, but they have a courtyard and outside seating as well.

Open Monday – Sunday, 6 AM to 2.30 PM except on Sundays (open at 7 AM) 

Website: Convoy Commune 

IG: Convoy Commune

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